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The 3,500-year-old bone ice skate were discovered in Xinjiang in a high-society tomb. Source: Xinhua/ Global Times

Ancient Animal Bone Ice Skates Found in China’s “Birthplace of Skiing”

During a recent archaeological press conference in Xinjiang, known as the birthplace of skiing, experts announced the discovery of ice skates made of animal bone that are believed to be 3,500 years...
A stunningly made and preserved silk textile, one of many, found at the Astana Cemetery in far northwestern China.		Source: Public domain

The Astana Cemetery and Perfectly Preserved Textiles of Gaochang

The Astana Cemetery is an ancient cemetery located near Turpan, in the autonomous region of Xinjiang, northwestern China. The cemetery was used during the 1st millennium AD by the inhabitants of...
The Beauty of Loulan, a Tarim Basin Mummy Source: Mummipedia

Origin Mystery of Controversial Tarim Basin Mummies Was Solved With DNA

Located in northwestern China’s Xinjiang region, the Tarim Basin is a rich confluence of geology, history, and culture. In fact, it is speculated that this region may be one of the last to be...
The Afaq Khoja Mausoleum And The Legacy Of A Great Uyghur Leader

The Afaq Khoja Mausoleum And The Legacy Of A Great Uyghur Leader

The Afaq Khoja Mausoleum is a tomb complex located in Xinjiang, an autonomous region in northwestern China. For the predominantly Muslim Uyghurs (or Uighurs ) who inhabit the region, this mausoleum...
This Bronze Age site in Xinjiang, China may help researchers discover more about the Silk Road’s origins. Source: CCTV

Bronze Age Settlement Uncovered in China Reveals Silk Road Origins

Archaeologists working in the north-west of China have made a very important discovery in relation to the Silk Road’s origins and development. They have found the remains of a Bronze Age settlement...
Han Dynasty granary between Dunhuang and the Jade Gate - an important supply center for the ancient Silk Routes.

3000-Year-Old Earthworks Confirmed as Sun Worship Altar on China’s Silk Road

Archaeologists have discovered the remains of a 3,000-year-old altar to the sun in North West China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Experts say that the altar resembles the heaven-worshipping...
An ancient ball and polo mallet from the Yanghai Tombs

Archaeologists in China unearth 2,400-year-old Polo Sticks and Balls

The invention of the ancient sport of polo, called the King of Sports and the Sport of Kings, had been dated to the 6 th century B.C. in Persia, but that may be changing soon. Archaeologists have...
Qiang people vertically grown teeth

Archaeologists announce Qiang people had vertically oriented teeth and longer skeletons

Archaeologists have released a photograph of a skull found in an ancient tomb in Alaer (Aral) in Southern Xinjiang, China. The skull shows an unusual characteristic in which the teeth are vertically...