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Representation of a Mongol female warrior / the legendary Mulan.   Source: katalinks / Adobe stock

Ancient Mongolian Female Warrior Skeletons Substantiate Disney’s Mulan

Microscopic marks discovered on the shoulder bones of two ancient female warriors bring the legendary woman warrior, Mulan , from eastern mythology into historical reality. Disney’s 1998 animated...
Detail of a figure of a Xianbei warrior. (Editor at Large/CC BY SA 2.5) Background: Filial sons and virtuous women in Chinese history, a lacquer painting over a four-panel wooden folding screen; from the tomb of Sima Jinlong in Datong, Shanxi province, dated to the Northern Wei Dynasty (386–534 AD)

The Xianbei: A Chinese Dynasty Emerges from Nomadic Warriors of the Steppe

The Xianbei people … invade our frontiers so frequently that hardly a year goes by in peace, and it is only when the trading season arrives that they come forward in submission. But in so doing they...
The inside of the princess’s large tomb, which contained 166 funerary items

Tomb of a nomadic tribal princess will help unravel China’s complicated ethnic history

Chinese archaeologists have excavated the sixth century tomb of a nomadic tribal princess of the ancient Tuyuhun Kingdom in northwest China’s Shaanxi Province. In the tomb they found two skeletons...
Tomb Raiders - Coffin in Mongolia

Ancient coffin rescued from tomb raiders in Inner Mongolia reveals remains of aristocratic woman

Chinese archaeologists rescued an ancient coffin from tomb raiders trying to break in to a grave site via a 10 metre hole in a pasture region of China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The 1,500-...