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Surface model of the Xiahe mandible after digital removal of the adhering carbonate crust. Source: Jean-Jacques Hublin, ResearchGate.

The Teeth Have It: Tracing the Denisovan Legacy Around the World

A dental trait found in the Xiahe Denisovan jawbone as well as in some ancient and modern human populations now provides a rare opportunity to track the geographical reach and perhaps even the final...
Baishiya Karst Cave in Xiahe,China. Source: (Dongju Zhang, Lanzhou University) Insert: The Xiahe mandible, only represented by its right half, was found in 1980 in Baishiya Karst Cave. (Dongju Zhang, Lanzhou University)

Denisovan Jaw: The First Physical Evidence for the Mysterious Hominins Outside Their Original Cave!

Research into the Denisovan story is always fascinating. This group of ancient hominins has been something of a mystery ever since they were first discovered in 2010 as an extinct sister group to the...