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The 1,800-year-old face of Apollo uncovered at Philippi. Source: Greek Reporter / Ministry of Culture.

1,800 Year Old Marble Head of Apollo Unearthed in Ancient Philippi

A new find amidst the ruins of the historic city of Philippi: a rare head of Apollo, carved in marble and crowned by a wreath of leaves, has been unearthed. dated to the 2nd or early 3rd century AD,...
Ancient Christmas customs still held today. A door decorated with a Christmas wreath. (CC0) Snowy holly. (liz west/CC BY 2.0) Mistletoe. (CC0) A Yuletide fireplace. (Randy Robertson/CC BY 2.0)

Mistletoe, Holly, and Yuletide Cheer: Weaving Nature into Ancient Christmas Customs

It is estimated 2 billion people celebrate Christmas each year. Although the popular holiday is linked to Christianity and the birth of Jesus Christ, people all over the world, Christians or not,...
Father Christmas enjoying the Christmas tradition. Date: circa 1860. Source: Archivist / Adobe Stock

Favorite Christmas Traditions PLUS Those You May Never Have Heard About

Every year as December rolls in, some 2 billion people start to feel the Christmas cheer. While the celebration is now primarily a Christian one honoring the birth of Jesus, its traditions merge with...
Origins of Popular Christmas symbols

The Holly and the Mistletoe: Ancient Roots of Christmas Symbols

Christmas is a very popular holiday tradition that is celebrated by some 2 billion people worldwide. This popular celebration is of course linked closely to Christianity and is intended to honor the...
A woman in a forest holding holly. Credit: LoloStock / Adobe Stock

Decking the Halls of History: The Pagan Origins of Christmas Decorations

The idea of hanging up decorations in the middle of winter is older than Christmas itself. Decorations are mentioned in ancient descriptions of the Roman feast of Saturnalia , which is thought to...
Pensioner finds 2,300-Year-Old Pure Gold Crown Under Bed

Pensioner finds 2,300-Year-Old Pure Gold Crown Under Bed

An elderly man was stunned when he discovered that a box of trinkets he inherited from his grandfather contained an ancient Greek crown made of pure gold that an auctioneer says is worth at least £...