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The mountain citadel of Perperikon, located near Kardzhali in Bulgaria, is an isolated dream for archaeologists. (Victor Lauer / Adobe Stock)

The Great Mountain Citadel of Perperikon and the Dionysian Cult

The modern nation of Bulgaria was always at the crossroads of history. Situated in a crucial historic region, it is filled to the brim with important archaeological sites and places of immense value...
1,400-year-old winepress in Israel

Innocent boys meticulously excavated 1,400-year-old winepress in Israel

Some young boys in Israel took great care in excavating a winepress about 1,400 years old, not realizing they were doing anything wrong. The Israel Antiquities Authority got wind of the dig and took...
Ancient Wine Press and Monastery

Ancient industrial-scale wine press and monastery discovered

Archaeologists have discovered an ancient compound in Ramat Bet Shemesh near Jerusalem, where monks engaged in oil and wine production, according to a report in Live Science . The extent of the...