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William Shakespeare

Queen Elizabeth I: The Controversies and the Accomplishments

Queen Elizabeth I: The Controversies and the Accomplishments

Elizabeth I was one of England’s most famous and powerful queens and an iconic figure in world history. Known also as ‘The Virgin Queen’ and ‘Good Queen Bess’, she belonged to the House of Tudor – a...
Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet: Not a Shakespearean Tale After All

William Shakespeare's world renowned Romeo and Juliet (written sometime between 1591 and 1595) stands in the historical record as one of the greatest love stories ever written. It has been retold...
Archaeologists found the remains of well-preserved brick-lined cellar believed to be of London’s oldest theater, the Red Lion playhouse, in Whitechapel, East London. Source: Archaeology South-East / UCL

London’s Oldest Theater Unearthed in Whitechapel

Archaeologists in London have made an amazing discovery. They have unearthed what they believe to be London’s oldest theater, the Elizabethan Red Lion. This structure is of immense importance because...
An image showing direct comparisons between the Shakespeare of the Cobbe Portrait, the Chandos Portrait and the Droeshout Engraving.            Source: Brice Stratford / Public domain

Archaeology Is Revealing New Clues About Shakespeare’s Life

William Mitchell / The Conversation William Shakespeare is widely regarded as one of the greatest authors of all time and one of the most important and influential people who has ever lived. His...