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The bones of 72 Guanche people were found in a hard to reach cave-tomb in the Canary Islands

Dozens of Mummies and Skeletons Found in Canary Islands Cave Tomb

An 8th to 10th century grave containing 72 pre-Hispanic 'Guanche' natives has been discovered on Gran Canaria. In June last year an amateur archaeologist from the group 'El Legado’ flew a drone over...
The Caribbean Sea from space

Caribbean Sea Makes Mysterious Whistle Sound that Can Be Heard from Space

A study of the Caribbean Sea by University of Liverpool ocean scientists has revealed that, in the midst of all the noise of the ocean, this region behaves like a whistle, which blows so loudly that...
Evidence Found for Secret Terror Weapon of the Romans

Evidence Found for Secret Terror Weapon of the Romans

Archeologists have unearthed a set of Roman lead sling bullets which were used against the barbarian foes in Scotland. The bullets were found to make a piercing whistle noise when hurled through the...
The Whistling Island of La Gomera

A Unique Form of Ancient Communication: The Whistling Island of La Gomera

An old English proverb states that “necessity is the mother of invention”. On La Gomera in the Spanish Canary Islands, a need arose among its inhabitants to communicate with each other over the...
Mayan Music: A painted image of a file of Mayan musicians playing rattle, ocarina, and trumpets while a theatrical scene goes on.

The Music of the Maya: Mysterious whistles Confound Experts

Music has held a special role in human society for thousands of years. In ancient China, for instance, sets of bronze bells were played for entertainment and ritual purposes at court. The...