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wall paintings

The never seen before Mesoamerican mural minerals of cinnabar and hematite found in this early Teotihuacan mural. The distinctive reds on the left side of this image are especially noteworthy.            Source: Denisse Argote Espino / INAH

Mesoamerican Mural Minerals Reveal Secrets of Ancient City

In Mexico , researchers have for the first time ever discovered previously unknown Mesoamerican mural minerals. The mercury sulfate and iron oxide were found in wall paintings in one of the most...
Hidden paintings in Angkor Wat

The hidden paintings discovered at ancient temple of Angkor Wat

A recent study published in the journal Antiquity revealed more than 200 paintings dating to the 16th century, which were recently discovered at Cambodia’s Temple of Angkor Wat, the world’s largest...
Visions of afterlife in ancient tomb in Egypt

Ancient tomb of a royal messenger reveals visions of the ancient Egyptian afterlife

Archaeologists in Egypt have uncovered a tomb in an ancient burial ground in Saqqara, Egypt, dating back 3,100 years, a find that scientists say adds a new “chapter to our knowledge”. The well-...
Byzantine monks used asbestos in wall paintings

Byzantine monks used asbestos in wall paintings centuries before Industrial Revolution

Researchers have discovered that Byzantine monks used asbestos in plaster coatings underlying their wall paintings centuries before the fibrous material began to be used in the construction industry...
Four New Kingdom rock-hewn tombs discovered in Egypt - Elephantine Island

Four New Kingdom rock-hewn tombs discovered in Egypt

The Ministry of Antiquities in Egypt has announced the discovery of four rock-hewn tombs on Elephantine Island in Aswan, Egypt, which date to the New Kingdom period (16 th – 11 th century BC). The...
Old Cave Paintings

Cave Paintings Among the Oldest in Europe

A team of scientists from Spain and France have discovered that a series of wall paintings in the Altxerri cave system in northern Spain date back to around 39,000 BC, making them among the earliest...