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Vladimir the Great, known as Volodymyr in the Ukraine, or even Saint Vladimir, seen here during his baptism, has gone down in history as the leader which brought Christianity to the pagan Slavs. Source: Public domain

Saintly Leader, or Vengeful Opportunist? The Story of Vladimir the Great

Vladimir the Great(or Volodymyr) is a controversial figure. Commemorated as an exemplary leader, saint and statesman by some, the story of his life is also evidence of a vengeful, murderous and...
The Invitation of the Varangians: Rurik and his brothers Sineus and Truvor arrive at the lands of the Ilmen Slavs at Staraya Ladoga.

Vikings in Byzantium: The Varangians and their Fearless Conquests

It is relatively well known that the Vikings were some of history's greatest travelers, traders, and mercenaries. Their reach extended far, as they are credited with finding North America and...