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Ezekiel's vision of the valley of dry bones coming to life, signifying God's power to bring new life and open the gateway to heaven Generative AI.            Source: forenna /Adobe Stock)

Resurrecting Ancestry: Genetic Revelations Beyond Israelites

The prophecy of the Valley of Dry Bones, as envisioned by the prophet Ezekiel, stands as one of the most potent revelations in his repertoire. Within this vision, Ezekiel is transported to a desolate...
Saint Bernard and the Virgin by Alonso Cano. Source: Public domain

The Virgin Mary Squirted Saint Bernard with Breast Milk

Mythology is filled with an array of outlandish and far-fetched stories. Christianity is no exception. One of the most surprising, at least for me, is the story of the 12th century monk, Saint...
Discover the fascinating history of eyeglasses. Source: Fxquadro / Adobe Stock

Crystal-Clear Vision – The Ancient History of Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses are an essential tool for thousands of people across the globe. Unfortunately, glasses didn’t always exist, which caused difficulties for those in the ancient past with poor vision...
snake venom Source: Mark Kostich / Adobe Stock

How Prehistoric Primates Survived Deadly Snake Venom

The story of human evolution is one peppered with the acquisition of a variety of adaptive traits that have been acquired over thousands of years. While we take many of these for granted today, each...
Statue of pirate with eyepatch.

Is This the Real Reason Why Pirates Wore Eyepatches?

Between 1700 and 1725, the Caribbean was a relatively lawless place with numerous merchant ships traversing the high seas with no authorities to protect them. These factors helped to make this period...
The 500-Million-Year-Old Evolutionary Arms Race Towards Better Vision

The 500-Million-Year-Old Evolutionary Arms Race Towards Better Vision

A new study suggests a half-billion-year-old “evolutionary arms race” might have been sparked by developments in the vision of deep-sea giants called “radiodonts.” The “Cambrian explosion” occurred...
Why the Amphiareion of Oropos Was A Dream Destination

Why the Amphiareion of Oropos Was A Dream Destination

Because of its rich history, Greece is blessed with many important historic sites. One of the most intriguing is the Amphiareion in Oropos , not far from Athens. This was once a popular sanctuary and...
Vases hanging above The Stone of Anointing (Stone of Unction) in the entrance to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. These vases contain water with rose essence.

Getting High with the Most High: Drugs in the Bible

As the Bronze Age grew old, some of its oral traditions were recorded by poets with gods in their quills and drugs in their gardens. The Odyssey and the Vedas include verses still recited today that...
From the Biblical tale, Jacob wrestles with an Angel

Flaming Swords and Winged Beasts: What Were These Ancient Creatures? The Origins of Cherubim – Part II

The word angel comes from the Old English engel , or ‘messenger’. Angels have an ancient and global tradition, but with belief in these powerful but elusive supernatural beings still going strong...
Guido Reni's archangel Michael (in the Capuchin church of Santa Maria della Concezione, Rome, 1636) tramples Satan.

Ancient Angels: Heavenly Messengers or Myths? The Origins of Cherubim – Part I

If one does a Google search and types in “movies about angels”, you will receive a plethora of films that feature angels or what could be angels. Of course, this list includes the fallen ones as well...
Pietro Perugino's use of perspective in this fresco at the Sistine Chapel (1481–82) helped bring the Renaissance to Rome

Do Your Eyes Fool You? Ancient Vision and a New Reality — How to See and Draw Like the Ancients

From the beginning of time, those among us we now call artists have tried to capture in two dimensions what they saw of the real, three-dimensional world in which they lived. Almost from the very...