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Uncovering the Authorship of Our Ancient Myths - Part 1

Myth recounts the chronicles of the Gods. Their tales were passed from generation to generation, through oral traditions, until they were finally carved into stone or written on cloth, skins, bark, paper or papyrus. Some scholars contend the myths we have today (even in their most archaic form) are creations of a vivid imagination and the stories are simply flights of fantasy. Other researchers conclude that the Gods were living breathing individuals in our remote past.

Is it possible the stories we have of the Gods are true?


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It all depends on your interpretation of the myths.

Regarding the Flood Myth this is globally told and it is connected to the Stories of Creation in many cultures all over the World, which again is conneted to the Milky Way Mythology, The Milky Way is mythologically named as the "great river in the Sky" and it can be observed running above the Earth on both hemispheres.

The scholarly and common interpretation is that "once uopn a time" a huge flood runned ON the Earth and drowned the entire Earth - instead of the real interpretation of a huge river running ABOVE the Earth up in the Sky.

Some relevant Links.

Of course, as all people all over the World can observe the Milky Way contours, all the stories from all cultures are very similar, allthough some different symbols are used in order to depict the whole idea.

We all live on the same planet; in the same Solar System; in the same Milky Way galaxy in the same Universe - and these mutual conditions of course create the same religious; mythological and cosmological Stories of Creation.

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No worries. You found a bug we need to fix :-)

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I agree. It does depend on your interpretation. I do believe that a lot of the myths are telling the same story.

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