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The Revival of 'Australia's Stonehenge'

A few members of Ancient-Origins joined Steven Strong, author and researcher of Australian sacred sites, on a two-day investigation of a sacred Aboriginal site upon which an ancient stone arrangement once stood. The rock formation has been described as 'Australia's Stonehenge' for its immense significance. In 1939, the site was extensively documented, including the position of all 181 standing stones, as well as symbols and carvings on the stones. However, in the 1940s the Australian government threatened to confiscate the land where the stone arrangement stood, so the private landowners, fearing the loss of their land, bulldozed the ancient rock formation destroying virtually all traces of it.
For 63 years, it was feared the site was lost. However, the location of the site and the remnants of the stone arrangement have now been found, and now work is underway for its revival, so the knowledge, history and significance of this site can be shared under the banner of Wirritjin - "Black Fella White Fella Dreaming".
We joined a group of Aboriginal Elders, Steve Strong, and a research team in documenting the rediscovered site, with the hope that the wrongs of the past can be corrected so we can look to the future with hope.