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Machines of the Gods - Ancient Discoveries - History Channel Documentary

Smoke and mirrors or acts of gods? In this History channel documentary discover the technical wizardry behind the fantastic ''temple magic'' used to give ancient Greek and Roman temples the competitive edge.

•Discover the surprising ways modern technology and ancient history intersects.
•To attract the faithful (and their wallets) ancient priests relied on the cutting edge of classical technology.
•An eye-opening series filmed on location in Italy, Greece, Egypt, Holland, and England.

ANCIENT DISCOVERIES changes the way we think about the distant past. While we entertain visions of a simpler, unsophisticated time, the truth is much more complicated and fascinating than we imagine. This fresh, eye-opening series - filmed on location where historical events actually happened and using brilliant, lifelike computer animation - applies the latest scholarship to reconsider common beliefs about our past. Reconstructions of ancient machines and hands-on demonstrations bring ancient times to life.



Though I've spent my life in school and in so doing achieved my PhD I still find the most fascinating subjects here online. History is a little bit brighter on your forum. I love each visit to your virtual world.

interesting stuff....