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Csikós Hungarian horsemen. Source: Kavita / Adobe Stock.

These Hungarian Horsemen Predated the American Cowboy (Video)


Before the iconic cowboys of the Wild West captured imaginations, Hungary's Csikós, the horsemen of the Puszta in Hungary's Great Plain, had already established their profound connection with the land and its beasts. These horsemen trace their roots back centuries, intertwining death-defying riding skills with deep-seated traditions. Celebrated as some of Europe's most accomplished horsemen, the Csikós bear the significant responsibility of caring for the region's horses and cattle using time-honored techniques that have been passed down through generations.

The legacy of the Csikós is deeply familial and personal. For instance, János, who has devoted 35 years of his life as a Csikós, proudly saw his son, Adam, continue this age-old tradition. These riders, however, lead somewhat secluded lives, dwelling on scattered ranches across the expansive plains. Today, only a handful of Csikós remain in the region in Hungary, and as modernity encroaches, there's a growing challenge to preserve the unique customs and knowledge of these horsemen.

Top image: Csikós Hungarian horsemen. Source: Kavita / Adobe Stock.

By Joanna Gillan

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