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The Fall of the Akkadian Empire [VIDEO]

Explaining the Fall of the Great Akkadian Empire. In our first episode working alongside none other than the history media giant Ancient Origins we dive briefly into the rise of the Akkadian Empire but more importantly we explore the fall of one of the first empires in human history. The Akkadian Empire was an ancient empire that existed towards the end of the 3 rd millennium BC. This was the first empire in Mesopotamia , and some consider it to be the first true empire in world history. The Akkadian Empire was established by Sargon of Akkad , arguably its most famous ruler, and dominated Mesopotamia from its capital, Akkad. The influence of the Akkadian Empire was also felt beyond the borders of the empire. This mighty empire did not last very long, however, as it collapsed about a century and a half after it was founded. It is a story of epic proportions from vicious battles and court intrigue constantly rocked by assassinations and secret conspiracies.