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PALIMPSEST: spaceship hieroglyphs explained

Abydos, 1848 – In this ancient city in Egypt, the temple of Seti I was discovered. On one of the ceilings of the temple, strange hieroglyphs were found that sparked a debate between Egyptologists. The carvings appear to depict modern vehicles resembling a helicopter, a submarine, and airplanes. 

This video explains how those carvings may have been a result of palimpsest.


This has been truly rewarding, as I have never opend my eyes that wide. But I want to know more about this lotus vase.

angieblackmon's picture

i've seen the pics of the helicopter/tank/sub before, but never heard that they were two sets of inscriptions laid on top of one another. they are uncanny though!!

love, light and blessings


That is a true stretch of anyone's imagination! Plaster fell off and it happened in just the right areas to make these items look like flying machines?

LOL...does anyone in the archaeological field really believe this?? If they do, they need help! In just that one photo, it would be a 10 million to one shot to make all of those items by accident. Wow! I guess education isn't everything! :)