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Odo of Bayeux: Sharing the Spoils Under William the Conqueror

Odo of Bayeux: Sharing the Spoils Under William the Conqueror

William the Conqueror was without a doubt one of history’s most important leaders. His conquest of Anglo-Saxon England set in motion events that would change the future of the world for many. However...
Medieval tower, Dublin Castle, Ireland          Source: Tupungato/ Adobe Stock

Dublin Castle, Encapsulating the Beauty and History of Ireland

As with many other European counties, Ireland has multitude of historic castles and fortresses. Perhaps the best-known on the island is Dublin Castle. This stronghold has played an important part in...
Drone aerial shot of the ancient Turkish ruins on Dongoin shiree. (North at the top.) Segments of the inscriptions and sarcophagus excavated from the hole at the center of the ruins can be seen.

Monumental Mongolian Burial Discovered Includes 14 Giant Inscribed Pillars

A joint excavation team from Osaka University and the Institute of History and Archaeology of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences discovered the ruins of a unique monument surrounded by 14 large stone...
Wall scene from the tomb of Huy

Tomb of Huy, ruler of Nubia under Tutankhamun, to be opened to the public

The tomb of Amenhotep Huy, ruler of Lower Nubia Kush under king Tutankhamun, is to be opened to the public for the first time following extensive restorations. The tomb is famous for its spectacular...