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Sari weaving. Source: ananaline / Adobe Stock.

The Sari Weavers Keeping a 16th Century Craft Alive (Video)

In the narrow alleys of Varanasi , India, a group of skilled artisans are keeping an ancient craft alive through their nimble fingers and artistic vision. They are the sari weavers , who continue to...
Two images of Aghori.

The Aghori and Their Unorthodox Path to Enlightenment

The Aghori are followers of a Hindu sect believed to be 1000 years old. These ascetics are often regarded as sadhus (Sanskrit for ‘good/holy man’), and have devoted their entire lives to the...
Shiva carrying Sati on his trident. (1800s).

Manikarnika Ghat and the Role of Cremation in Traditional Indian Funerary Rites

India is renowned for having distinctive religious practices that coexist with one another. The numerous shrines and monuments allow one to contemplate the importance of faith for many. One of the...