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Vincent Ongkowidjojo

Vincent Ongkowidjojo (1979) is the author of  Secrets of Asgard  (Mandrake, 2011) and  Doors of Valhalla  (Mandrake, 2016). Earlier he published  Runen in de Noordse traditie  by a well-known Dutch publisher Ankh Hermes Deventer (2007). His works have always been described as well-written and ground-breaking.

Vincent graduated as a master in Assyriology, at the KU Leuven, having studied both Ancient Hebrew and Aramaic apart from the cuneiform languages.

During his university studies he came in touch with the runes and quickly began corresponding with Freya Aswynn, author of the influential  Leaves of Yggdrasil  (Llewellyn, 1990). In the year 2005, Vincent and Freya met frequently in London, and this started Vincent’s teaching in Freya’s School of Runes and Northern Mysteries. He now assists her with her rune course and school (

Concurrent with his study of runes and Norse mythology, Vincent began practicing taiji. Since 2007 he also teaches taiji. Later he also started teaching meditation, albeit within the taiji system. Nowadays he still follows classes with Tine Vandromme (, whose teacher is Patrick Kelly, a student of the late Huang Xing Xian.

Vincent’s vision is rooted in Western and Eastern esoteric philosophies. He currently lives in Belgium.

More information is found on his website ( and on Mandrake’s website ( 


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