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I am a Scotsman, from the north east of that mystical land although I have spent all of my adult life in the Indian Himalaya, further educating myself and being guided by the myriad perspectives offered to one who is fortunate enough to make such an ancient and meaningful country, home.

I am an alumni of the University of Stirling, a place and people that I look back upon with fond memories; the view from my former hall of residence is not dissimilar to the one that I wake up to these days. Family life is the only significant difference from those experiential times, now two decades into history! The study has remained a constant, and the family has given perspective. Other than writing, I paint, usually acrylics on canvas and continue to redecorate the cottage that I designed and built using traditional methods and materials and with the fundamental spirit of the local architecture at the forefront of my thinking.

With regards to ‘Horses, Cows…’ I’d like to thank Mr Subodh Mishra and Miss Aparajita Singh for their wise contributions and to Dr Manfred Mueller and Mr M. Kirkbright for their learned linguistics that helped with ‘Names from the East’.


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