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Steve Pearse, the author of Earth is Our Planet, Too! , served in the military with the United States Army Security Agency (77th Special Operations Unit (SOU) with a highly classified Top Secret Clearance teletype crypto clearance stationed at Clark Airbase Base in the Philippines. He is now a lay scientist, book writer, and a retired business professional with over 25 years history in the field of credit management, and worked as an accounting specialist in account reconciliation of State, Federal, and Mass Merchandiser AP accounts. The academic research of this book started as an off shoot of my first book, Set your Phaser to Stun, an Extraterrestrial Hypothesis (ETH) study that proves beyond a reasonable doubt that we are not alone in the cosmos. “We have company in more ways than one."

About the Book

The goal and purpose of Earth is Our Planet, Too! is uncovering the truth about the real history of Earth. Chapter One covers the long history of the Jersey Devil, and the wide variety of people from all walks of life that saw this creature in New Jersey, and the neighboring states. To this day its identity remains a mystery. Many people have tried and failed to discover its origins. The mystery of what it is came from the ancient writings of a highly unlikely source, a Catholic Bishop from Germany.

Taking this new approach paid off, as this remarkable information soon provided amazing insights to resolve other mysteries that have baffled mankind for thousands of years. Author Steve Pearse covers other mysteries such as the Mothman, the Snallygaster the Piasa, the Native American legends of the Thunderbird, and the Van Meter Visitor. The truth was discovered by simply paying attention to the many fragments of history and mythology. The truth became self evident as the puzzle pieces came together to finally reveal the identity of the demons and monsters of earth. Nearly all of the dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago, but some of them evolved becoming Theropods--primitive dino-birds...


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