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The Samurai swords store is comprised of medieval enthusiasts dedicated to ancient weaponry and armor, they manufacture swords and blades based on designs from ancient Japan and China. The swords are handmade according to traditional methods.

At 2017 the team has released an innovative 3D application for designing and ordering custom Samurai Swords, their new website and app can be found at

Their work extends beyond sword making and includes several publications, articles and websites which covers the history of Asia, sword making and the Samurai.


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Detail of ‘The warriors Kumagai Naozane and Taira no Atsumori.’ One of the warriors is brandishing a Japanese war fan called a Tessen.

A Japanese Fan Became a Deadly Weapon in the Right Hands

In ancient Japan, the Samurai utilized a wide range of weaponry other than swords, bows, and spears. These weapons were used in places where swords were not allowed to be carried, for self-defense...
Japanese samurai warrior (brunogm / Fotolia)

Medieval Japanese Weapons Influenced Culture Long After the Middle Ages

Weapons are important instruments and are essential during wars. This was especially true regarding Japanese weapons used during the Medieval period. The wars that were fought, won, and lost impacted...
Antique Japanese daishō, the traditional pairing of two Japanese weapons which were the symbol of the samurai, showing the traditional Japanese sword cases (koshirae) and the difference in size between the katana (bottom) and the smaller wakizashi (top).

Unknown Weapons of the Samurai: The Forgotten Warrior Arsenal from Feudal Japan

The Katana sword was considered as the Samurai soul. That is why some people treat Samurai and katana as synonymous words. It is true that a Samurai and his sword is inseparable, but believe it or...