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Poet, writer, critic of art and literatureRenaud Ego is a French writer living and working in Paris. He is active in the field of literature, especially in poetry, and in art studies, and is a member of the International Association of Art Critics (AICA). Renaud Ego is a recognized specialist on the rock art of South Africa and has written two essays on Southern African rock art. Ego published <em>San</em> in 2000 which he continued to explore with <strong>L’animal voyant</strong> (Actes Sud / Errance, 2015) . All of them are richly illustrated. His latest book, <em>Le Geste du regard</em>, will be published in 2018 in English. It deals with the birth of Palaeolithic art in Europe.  He is also the introducer in France of the Swedish poet Nobel laureate Tomas Tranströmer, whose works he prefaced (Gallimard, 2004).


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