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Kutluer completed his high school education at Tarsus American College (1974) and his undergraduate education at Middle East Technical University’s Department of Economics and Statistics (1979). A. Refik Kutluer, who is the partner, General Manager and Chair of the Board of Directors of Alabanda Tourism Inc. in Ankara, is the first tourism executive of Turkey who holds the “CTIE – Certified Travel Industry Executive” title. He authored articles which were published in USA Travel Institute magazine and in various newspapers and magazines in Turkey.

Refik Kutluer is the president of “Anküge”, the “Association for Research and Development of Anatolian Cultures”, helping preserving and promoting Anatolian cultural assets.

He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Health and Education Foundation and the Board of Trustees of International Mevlana Foundation.

His company is one of the sponsors of the ancient Carian city “Alabanda”’s excavations.

Has organized conferences on “Science and Ethics”, in London, Istanbul and in Berlin, jointly initiated with Prof. Robert Edwards - a holder of Nobel Prize in Medicine (2010),

Delivers speeches at the” International Sefika Kutluer Festival – East Meets West-“, ( )  His recent talk was titled “Preservation Needs Knowledge”.



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