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Professor Pieter Wagener

Pieter Wagener is a retired South African professor of applied mathematics at the University of Fort Hare, South Africa. He studied and lectured in physics at Queens College, City University of New York in 1970–1972. He has Masters’ degrees in Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Law, a PhD in Applied Mathematics and a LLD in Human Rights and Labor Law.  His PhD thesis is entitled, A unified theory of general interaction, which presents a unified model for the basic forces in nature, considered as the Golden Grail of physics. He is the author of A History of physics in South Africa Vol 1 and In search of gods and angels, to be published by the Golden Age Project, Patrick Foundation UK. The book discusses paleoanthropological enigmas such the Boskop and Hofmeyr crania, consistent with the hypothesis that Upper Paleolithic Eurasians descended from an advanced population that migrated from sub-Saharan Africa in the Late Pleistocene. Professor Wagener researches enhanced consciousness, ancient megalithic structures in South Africa, ancient legends,  the Holy Bloodline and the genetics of the Anannage .


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View over Swaziland from the mouth of Border Cave. (Public Domain)

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