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Mauro Poma

Mauro Poma is a qualified tour guide of Rome, a writer and a lecturer. He has got two degrees: one in History and Conservation of the Artistic and Archaeological Heritage and one in Political Sciences. In the last decade he has been called as speaker in numerous conferences about Rome at the Dante Alighieri, the most prestigious Italian cultural association in the world. Aside from working as a successful tour guide of Rome for the most important tour operators, he also gives lectures for schools and other associations.

His first book, 'Alla scoperta del Colosseo', was published in Italy in 2017 (Edizioni Helicon, Arezzo). The enlarged and revised edition is also available in English as 'Discovering the Colosseum' (2021) available from Amazon. He has just finished writing his third book.


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Roman executions at the Colosseum were a gruesome affair, as depicted in The Christian Marturs' Last Prayer by Jean-Léon Gérôme. Source: Public domain

Roman Executions in the Colosseum: The Stories of Laureolus and Androcles

Public order in ancient Rome was a priority for the elite, who contrived a range of gruesome punishments for purportedly serious crimes deserving the death penalty. As a result, a day of fun and...