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Manuel Rosa is a PhD candidate in Insular and Atlantic History (15th-20th Centuries) at the University of the Azores. He has spent 30 years investigating the life of the discoverer, took part in DNA testing and advised UNESCO and the Haitian Government on matters of Colón lost ship the Santa Maria. Several of his books published on this subject include COLUMBUS. The Untold Story (Outwater Media, 2016) and Portugal e o Segredo de Colombo (Alma dos Livros, 2019). His webpage is located at


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Was the fleet of Santa Maria, Pinta and Niña represented here admiral led by Christopher Columbus or Don Cristóbal Colón?

Columbus’s Identity Crisis and the Ongoing Spread of False Columbus News

The news was astounding! Famous India was discovered just a month’s sailing across the Atlantic, proclaimed the first-ever International Press Release , dated Lisbon, March 4, 1493. The outrageous...