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Linda C

CEO of The OTS Foundation for Neolithic Studies, Linda Eneix is both a prehistorian and humanitarian.  She was named one of 2021's Top 25 Outstanding Women Listeners in the World by the Global Listening Centre. She has written several books including "Listening for Ancient Gods" and edited the publications of three international conferences on Archaeoacoustics (at which she was identified by participants as the Grandmother of Archaeoacoustics.)  Since 1990 she has been an advocate for multi-disciplinary research and educational outreach. 

Linda started selling paintings as a teen and studied at Chicago’s Art Institute before life took her on a path that exploded when she encountered the art and architecture of an advanced civilization predating the pyramids.  Working with the Malta Ministry for Education and National Culture, she wrote and produced a prehistoric heritage awareness program for Malta’s youngsters.  Collaboration with Heritage Malta resulted in the first dedicated conference exploring Malta’s prehistoric Temple Culture.  A Program Provider for 25 years for the Elderhostel/Road Scholar organization, Linda pioneered a program of lifelong learning for Americans in Malta.  Her illustration work has been featured at conferences and colleges all over the USA, as well as in Portugal, Turkey, Spain, and The Centre Culturel Christiane Peugeot, Paris, France. 

Ms. Eneix has been consulted for film, television and print media in the USA and Europe, and has appeared on international television for the Discovery Network and the History Channel; most recently she is featured in William Shatner’s new series, The UnXplained .  She is currently working on development of a full-length documentary about “Megaliths, Music and the Mind.” 


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