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Lucy Caxton Brown

I am a writer and a poet.  

In 2011 I wrote and published two books of poetry.

- ‘The River Centaur’

- ‘The Small Book of Poems Including Golden Ray and Cupids Child’  

Two more poetry books followed in 2012

- ‘The Key’

- ‘Castle in the Sky and Other Selected Poems’

A further three poetry books were published towards the end 2013.

- ‘The Wildfire Dragon including Dance of the Matador’,

- ‘Romany Voices’

- ‘Diamond Mind’ 

In 2012 and after five years of research, I completed a four part historic novel called FOXED. 

I have always intended that FOXED would be the first in a series of historic tales where the reader could have an active role in solving an age-old mystery.

I have just finished the second book in that series called ‘Alexander, A New Theory on an Ancient Legend.’

I am currently researching for a third book in this series and I am writing an eighth book of poems due to be published in 2015.

My hobbies include archaeology, reading, painting, organic gardening, and archaeology. My interests lay in sustainable development, animal welfare, history, global politics, religion and mysticism.  I live and write in Brighton with my family and my cat Freddie!


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