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Karen Mutton

I am a retired high school teacher of Ancient History and English with a BA Dip Ed, (Sydney University) with majors in English/History and a minor in Physical Anthropology. Since leaving teaching to raise my family, I have authored 5 books, including two on ancient/alternative history; 'Sunken Realms' and 'Scattered Skeletons in Our Closet' published by Adventures Unlimited Press. My book 'Scattered Skeletons in Our Closet' was one of the first to describe certain anomalous skulls in 2010. Following the results of DNA evidence confirming the link of the Paracas people to the Black Sea, I have updated my research and included more examples from Europe and China.Nexus magazine has published quite a number of my articles over the past 13 years. I also give public lectures, including three Nexus conferences, on ancient history, prehistory and finance.

My current focus is upon human origins, underwater archeology and alternative history. I am also in the process of writing a companion to 'Sunken Realms' called 'Subterranean Realms.' Travelling the world to exotic places and historical/archeological sites is my passion.


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Ancient tsunamis destroyed and killed. Source: Kevin Carden / Adobe Stock.

Creating Waves, Destroying Lives: Ancient Tsunamis That Left Their Mark

The catastrophic Indian Ocean tsunami of late 2004 claimed up to 300,000 lives in the space of 24 hours. In 2011, the Japanese tsunami claimed another 20,000 lives. Prior to these events, few...
The cemetery is about 1,000 years old and the skulls were studied in more detail in 2012. (Cristina García / INAH)

What Became of the Coneheads?

Throughout history, many cultures have artificially deformed the skulls of babies in order to achieve a flattened or elongated shape which was often associated with the ruling, or elite classes...
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