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Julian Vayne & Rosalind Stone --

Julian Vayne is a founding contributor to the Blog of Baphomet and the author of Getting Higher: the Manual of Psychedelic Ceremony (2017), available from the Psychedelic Press and from Amazon.

Rosalind Stone is a journalist and researcher with words in Talking Drugs, VolteFace, Kaltblut, the Third Wave, the Guardian and Psychedelic Press UK: Psychedelic Literature Review .


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‘The Elesusinian Mysteries’. It is argued that kykeon was a psychedelic substance used in these ancient Greek mysteries.

The Eleusinian Psychedelic Rebirth Rites of Ancient Greece are Making a Comeback

The Eleusinian Mysteries were transformative rituals that took place in ancient Greece, extending out of Mycenaean traditions (approximately 1500 BC) and the Greek Dark Ages. For over two millennia...