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Jul Jones

Jul Jones, is the curator of Rock Art Museum in New Brunswick, Canada and author of Jul worked in the computer field as a technology architect and security analyst for thirty five plus years. Collecting rocks started out as a part time hobby. Using his acquired problem solving skills, Jul became obsessed with discovering the origins of prehistoric portable rock art. Researching their origins has become an ongoing never ending study, raising more questions than answers. History is a jigsaw puzzle with missing pieces and no box to show what the final picture should look like.


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Native American Tiny 'Elephant Stones', Mammoth Effigies, Carvings, Totems From Pennsylvania. Portable rock art such as this has been found globally.

Life Before the Clovis: Portable Rock Art as Evidence of Pre Ice Age Humans in North America

The worship of carved stone dates back to man’s earliest evolution. Portable rock art is human made markings on movable natural rock or stone. A global phenomenon, these Stone Age objects have been...