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Jj Ainsworth is an alternative archaeologist, history buff, world traveler, and explorer. She focuses mainly on megaliths, and symbol decoding, but loves solving any kind of ancient mystery.  


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Investigating the enigmatic Lady of Elche has revealed new links with an Indian goddess. Source:        SoniaBonet / Adobe stock

Spain’s Lady of Elche Reveals New Links with Indian Goddess

Many of us have heard of the famous Lady of Elche and are intrigued with her mystifying appearance, and the strange enigma surrounding her origins. In reality not a whole lot is known about the bust...
Examples of Olmec art.

What Makes the Olmec Culture So Unique and Alluring?

The Olmecs were the first true Mesoamerican civilization. There were small villages and groups of people in the area in which the Olmec developed but these societies are referred to as Pre-Olmec. The...