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István Sörös, a philanthrope and an ardent admirer of all wonders of nature and humankind, lives in a small village in Hungary, Felsoors, near Lake Balaton. As a creative person, he cannot help inventing and building things his family and neighbors dream about, from work-out devices to solar fruit-dryer complexes …

With a human engineering MSc degree, while active, he had been working on a various spectrum of building projects, from small scale internal designs to giant highway projects. As an expert of construction, he has not only got familiar with designs, plans or theories, but knows well some of the basic materials, like wood, stones, clay, mortar, or pays attention on the role of geological-geomorphological premises, climate factors, with special stress on precipitation and water flow.

His deep obsession with megalithic buildings started at his adolescent years, and resulted several trips to the most fascinating European sites, France, Great Britain, Malta, and to Egypt, after which last trip he wrote his book of " Pyramids on Water, Floating Stones ", a milestone in explaining the technics and know-hows of raising the pyramids, as well as understanding the functions of these infamous historical geometric buildings.

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