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Evaggelos G. Vallianatos

Evaggelos G. Vallianatos studied zoology and history at the University of Illinois and received his history doctorate at the University of Wisconsin; did postdoctoral studies in the history of science at Harvard; worked on Capitol Hill and the US Environmental Protection Agency; taught at several universities; and is the author of hundreds of articles and six books.

His most recent title is The Antikythera Mechanism: The Story Behind the Genius of the Greek Computer and its Demise.


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Ancient Greek science and technology represented by a 3D image of Athens landmark the Parthenon emerging from a smartphone screen.		Source: scaliger

Ancient Greek Science and Technology – From Antikythera to Pharos

The Antikythera computer was the culmination of advanced mathematics, astronomy, metallurgy and engineering. It incorporated the philosophy and science of Aristotle, the gears of Ktesibios, the...