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Elizabeth Moore

Elizabeth Moore is an archaeologist, writer, and traveler. Growing up in Southern California with an Australian father, Los Angeles mother and Eastern European grandparents instilled a sense of wanderlust within her. While much of her close-knit family resides in other countries, Elizabeth has returned to Los Angeles to finish her Masters in Anthropology. Her research focuses on the Near East, Eastern Europe, and the occult. Her archaeological work focuses on prehistoric and historic sites within California. Elizabeth enjoys painting, swimming, and spending time her alarmingly buff cat.


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Experts Still Stumped By Child Buried With A Bird In Its Mouth

Bizarre Burial: Girl With A Bird Skull In Her Mouth

Between the 18th and 19th century in Poland, a child was given an unusual burial involving bird skulls within the Tunel Wielki Cave. A ritualistic burial like this surely would have been a spectacle...
Delving into the Depths of Japan’s Mysterious Tonkararin Tunnels

Delving into the Depths of Japan’s Mysterious Tonkararin Tunnels

Within the sloping mountains of Japan lies a mysterious ruined tunnel structure known as the Tonkararin Tunnels. This ancient ruin likely dates to the 5th or 6th century of Imperial Japan, although...