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Pat Hanratty

Dr. Pat Hanratty received his bachelor’s degree at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in psychology, master’s degree in counseling psychology from Marquette, and PhD in clinical psychology from Saybrook in San Francisco. He did clinical work much of his career.

While at Saybrook, Dr. Hanratty completed a dissertation on holotropic breathwork, an experiential psychotherapy, based on a transpersonal model of the psyche, discovering it reduced emotional distress and, after a period of time, death anxiety in a small group of subjects. This triggered an ongoing search for reasons this might have happened. In his first unpublished book, Quantum Psychology: The Search for a New Paradigm, he concluded that consciousness exists independently of the brain. This would allow such things as near-death experiences and reincarnation, which a more comprehensive paradigm would include.

His second nonfiction book, Atlantis: The Evidence, is currently under consideration for publication. In it he compares the hypotheses of new paradigm theorists, who believe civilization is much older than mainstream science proposes, with those of mystics about the existence and destruction of Atlantis. In addition to these books, he has written four fictional works, two volumes of short stories and two novels. 

Dr. Hanratty is also a member of the Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE), which publishes the Journal of Scientific Exploration. This is a fascinating journal that explores anomalous phenomena in which PhD’s argue back and forth on a variety of subjects, including Atlantis. They also review books that are related to the lost continent.


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