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Dilip Rajeev

Dilip Rajeev is a researcher into symbolism and language in ancient traditions. His research targets both the ideographic and ideophonetic nature of ancient language. The focus of his researches has included ancient Chinese ideographs, symbolism in the Phaistos Disc, etc., on both of which he has authored books. His current researches includes symbolism in ancient Egypt, sound symbolism in ancient Indian texts, as the BijaNada, and DhatuPada,, on which he is authoring books which compile the insights from his research.

Other areas of his interest include physics, algorithmics, and computer science. He has also recently been researching the mechanics of music, and its relation with language, and neuropsychology, while dabbling with music composition, some attempts at which may be found on his YouTube channel .

He holds a degree in software engineering, and worked around a year in his early career for Microsoft IT, India, as a software developer, and has recently entrepreneured with the software firm he founded, Schonweiss( , ). He may be contacted over his facebook profile,, or over email, [email protected]

Dilip Rajeev’s book, ‘The Decipherment of the Phaistos Disc’ is available from Amazon:


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