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David W Mathisen

David W. Mathisen investigates the evidence that the world's ancient myths, scriptures and sacred stories are speaking a language of celestial metaphor which is based on the heavenly cycles of the sun, the moon, the visible planets, and the stars and constellations. He is the author of six books exploring this language and these connections, including the multi-volume series Star Myths of the World, and how to interpret them , as well as Astrotheology for Life and The Undying Stars . He also publishes a blog, videos, and other material at David Mathisen graduated from the US Military Academy at West Point and has a masters degree in literature from Texas A&M University. He has taught in the Department of English and Philosophy at West Point, and has had a love of the ancient myths and the stars in our night sky since he was a young child.


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The Pylos Combat Agate, an ancient object found in Pylos, Greece and created around 1450 BC.

Is this Minoan Artistic Marvel a Miniaturization of the Heavens?

The discovery of the Pylos Combat Agate in a Mycenaean shaft-grave tomb dating to 1500 BC may be one of the most significant archaeological and artistic finds in decades, perhaps in centuries. The...