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David Montaigne

The son of two Philadelphia teachers from different religious backgrounds, David Montaigne was raised to respect ancient wisdom and learned not to gloss over the scientific and mathematical clues in ancient texts.  In his everyday life he is a Penn State graduate, father, entrepreneur, a professional electrician, and an amateur cook and fisherman.

Montaigne is also an avid reader, investigator, prophecy scholar, and author of several books.  Years ago, you may have passed him near the archives in Washington D.C., London, or the Vatican – or shared a bus ride to a pyramid or temple in Israel, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Mexico or Guatemala… But it is now more likely he is searching for answers online – at home in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania – where he celebrates every possible moment with his three inquisitive children, who remind him that we should never stop asking questions.

Books by this author include ‘End Times and 2019’ and ‘Nostradamus And The Islamic Invasion Of Europe’. His most recent title is ‘ Pole Shift:  Evidence Will Not Be Silenced

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Detail of a representation of Earth's Invisible Magnetic Field.

Chaos and Cover-ups: What Evidence Exists of an Ancient Pole Shift?

Magnetic pole shifts are in the news a lot recently because our Magnetic North Pole is racing towards Russia while the Earth’s magnetic field strength is falling fast. The European Space Agency said...