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Following a less than illustrious career as a naval pilot, I taught and lectured across all phases in education for 35 years. I now run the UK's only full-time meteorite dealership and lecture widely about meteoritics and the paranormal. I have written seven books on a variety of subjects and had well over a hundred articles and papers published.

I have been a student of the UFO phenomenon for nearly 60 years and of astronautics for over 50. Through the connections I've made from my meteorite and space memorabilia businesses, I have been fortunate enough to meet more than 30 astronauts, including seven of the twelve Moonwalkers.

My spare time is mostly spent on astrophotography, walking five miles a day trying to keep fit and photographing wildlife.

You can find out more about the world of Meteoritics in David’s book, Spacerocks, available from Amazon.

For more information on meteorites and how to buy them, email David at: [email protected]


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