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First time author Dan Mento makes his livelihood as a woodshop teacher at a public school in Pennsylvania. Dan holds a Master of Education from Cabrini College, a Master of Science from West Chester University, and a Bachelor of Science in technology education from California University of Pennsylvania. Dan is the inventor, author, and illustrator of United States Utility Patent 5822844. Dan also was honored as the Watershed Teacher of the Year in 2011. Dan’s interests are movies, gardening, fishing, hiking, and inventing.  Dan is not a cryptologist, treasure hunter, or Freemason and hates having his picture taken.  Beale’s Treasure a Freemason’s Tale can be found at Amazon


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Square & compasses (Insignia of Freemasons) carved into stone. (Public Domain) Part of The Beale Papers Names Cipher C3.

Does Cryptic Code Hidden in Beale Ciphers Reveal Secrets of the Freemasons?

The Beale Ciphers have challenged treasure hunters for almost 200 years. Is the Declaration of Independence the key to finding the gold, silver, and precious stones that Beale buried near Bedford,...