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Claudio Suenaga

I have a master's degree in History from Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp), the first in Brazil to defend, in 1999, a master's dissertation on the UFO Phenomenon in an academic context.

I was born in 1971 in the neighborhood of Ipiranga, in São Paulo, and for more than 35 years I have been dedicated to researching and investigating secret societies and religious movements of the Gnostic, Messianic, millenarian, apocalyptic, satanic and ufological types, as well as ufological, paranormal phenomena. , supernatural and miraculous. I also carry out archaeological research around lost cities and disappeared civilizations and I try to unveil contemporary political strategies related to totalitarian projects of global scope that aim at the installation of a Single World Government.

I have extensive experience in the journalistic field, having collaborated with countless media in Brazil and abroad and published hundreds of articles and articles in magazines such as  UFO, Sixth Sense, Enigmas, Magazine of Religions and Adventures in History .

In 2007, I released my first book,  Contacted: Emissaries of the Stars, Heralds of a New Age, or the Fifth Column of Extraterrestrial Invasion?  (Campo Grande, CBPDV, UFO Library) [from which it produced a second revised and expanded edition with the new, more consistent, subtitle  of Star Ambassadors, Heralds of a New Age or the Fifth Column of the World Government?  , the first of the religious tetralogy that is completed with the still unpublished The Brazilian Who Wanted to Govern the World: The Hidden History of Aladino Félix (Saturday Dinotos), the Terrorist Who Shaken the Military Regime [or The Hidden History of the Military Regime: Truths Suppressed by the Truth Commission - The Messianic Terrorism of Aladino Félix (Saturday Dinotos), the Brazilian who wanted to rule the world]; Blood in Heaven: The Apocalyptic Agenda of Messianic and Millennialist Religions and Sects  ; and The Mother of All Peoples: Apparitions, Messages, Miracles and Prophecies of the Virgin Co-Redeemer and Mediatrix of All Graces . The UFO tetralogy, which closes with the book  50 Shades of Grays: Cases of Abductions with Sexual Relations: Genetic Experiences, Fertility Rituals or Satanic Cults? (Campo Grande, CBPDV, Biblioteca UFO, 2018), is largely gathered in the compendium  Evidences: The History of the UFO Phenomenon. 

In 2020, I released my third book,  Illuminati: The Genealogy of Evil  , by Bira Câmara Editor, a synthesized version of my greatest work  Order that Comes from Chaos: The Secular Power of Secret Societies.

Since March 2016, I have been working, researching and living in the city of Osaka, Japan. To survive, I work as a mere factory worker, on 12-hour daily shifts, so unfortunately I have little time for research and writing.

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