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Celeste Albright

I am a former Archaeology student and T.A. My focus was on translating ancient Mayan documents. I started a family just before I finished school and haven’t been able to return, yet. However, I have done my best to keep up on Archaeology and Linguitical articals and news. I’ve spent the last 20 years raising 8 children – 4 boys and 4 girls. They are my pride and joy. Still, I intend on returning to finish my undergraduated degree in Archaeology and my double minor in Linguistics and Spanish. I am fascinated by language, how it affects cultures and how cultures affect language. I love to learn more about languages and cultures and I feel that they both are extremely important to every aspect of our lives – much more than people realize!

I am wanting to develop a broader understanding of these fields and more connections with the people who work in them. I enjoy conversing with people who know more than I do so I can stretch myself and learn more. I am currently taking Open Courseware classes through MIT to help me and it would be nice to run what I learn by others so I can tell if I’m understanding it all.


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