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Carl Lehrburger

Carl Lehrburger, known as Carell, is an environmental activist, renewable energy entrepreneur and researcher. He is a founder and senior manager of PureVision Technology, Inc., along with other renewable and botanical enterprises. An avid rock art reader, he has published numerous articles in Ancient American magazine on petroglyphs and archaeoastronomy. In 2015, Bear & Co. published his first book,  Secrets of Ancient America: Archaeoastronomy and the Legacy of the Phoenicians, Celts, and Other Forgotten Explorers . His  New History of America website  provides additional information on  portable rock art aka artfacts .  He may be contacted at  [email protected]


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Petroglyphic Features of Portable Rock Art

Petroglyphic Features of Portable Rock Art

Paleo rock art from around the world ranges in style, method, and age, and includes cave paintings, petroglyphs, pictographs, polished and engraved stones such as effigies, stone sculptures, and...