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Brinda Singh

Brinda Singh is the Head of Content and Research at, based in New Delhi, India.

An avid reader, she has been working in the domain of culture and arts for the last 5 years, having extensively worked on projects with Indian arts, culture, and crafts sector leading the marketing efforts of the Home and Lifestyle department of the largest crafts organization of India, Fabindia. She also dived into projects that blended culture, arts, and technology with Indian crafts, while working with another startup, Direct Create. Previous to this, she was leading the expansion of key categories at Urban Company, a services marketplace in India aiming to connect customers with small-scale service providers, i.e. micro-entrepreneurs.


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Battle at Lanka, Ramayana, by Sahib Din. Source: Public Domain

Ramayana: The Grand Epic of Ancient India

Ramayana is an integral part of life for millions of Hindus across the globe. It is one of the two most popular epics written in Sanskrit from ancient India, the other one being Mahabharata...