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Brendan Beatty

Brendan has been a high school social studies teacher and author in the Eastern United States since 2015. He has shared his passion for history with students through teaching American, African American, and Modern World History at several schools. At different points in his life he has lived and studied in Ireland, Australia, and South Africa in addition to the US.


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The landing of Columbus at the Island of Guanahaní, West Indies by John Vanderlyn, which was a success because the fake captain’s log kept the crew’s confidence up and prevented a mutiny. Source: John Vanderlyn / Public domain

The Deception of Christopher Columbus and his Secret Captain’s Log

Christopher Columbus may be among the most important (if controversial) historical figures to ever live. The legacy of his voyage had resounding impacts that reverberated all the way around the globe...
13th century depiction of hemorrhoid surgery. Source: The British Library / Public Domain

Hippocrates Did WHAT to Treat Hemorrhoids?

Did you know that more than half of all people will have to deal with hemorrhoids at least once in their life? Although hemorrhoids are an issue no one looks forward to dealing with, if you ever find...
An empty toilet paper holder! Source: Lasse Kristensen / Adobe Stock

No Toilet Paper! Do Any of these Ancient Methods Work for You?

Can you imagine waking up in a world with no toilet paper? What would you use? Can you imagine what people did before toilet paper became so ubiquitous? Toilet paper is among the most essential...