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Anthony Ruggiero

I am currently a High School History Teacher at St. Agnes Academic High School in College Point, New York.  My inspiration for this article, as well as my interest in women’s history in general, comes from both the strong women who have raised me, as well as the fact that I teach in an all-female high school. I feel that through writing this piece, I would be able to honor them for their influence on my life.

In addition to teaching, I have been published in several magazines and blogs. For example, I have been published previously in  History Is Now  magazine, Historic-U.K. magazine, Tudor Life  magazine, Discover Britain  magazine, The Odd Historian  magazine, the  Culture-Exchange blog, Inside History  magazine, Adventures In Historyland  blog, The New York History Review, Tudor Dynasty  and The Freelance History Writer  blog. 

Through continuing to research and write, I am able to share my findings with my students in order to engage them in their learning and help them succeed. My work can also be viewed on my Twitter handle: @Anthony10290122


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