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Andras Goczey

Andras Goczey was born in Hungary on 15th March in 1950. He graduated from Budapest University of Technology and Economics with a Masters in Architecture. He worked as an architect for 40 years but has developed an interest in multiple different fields as well over the past 15 years. For several years he worked on his innovation, a sport equipment called GausWheel which has been a great success and has won multiple awards including the Hungarian Design Award in 2008. For the past eight years, Egyptology and the mysteries of the pyramids became his main focus. He has given several lectures on the topic in universities across Hungary, has held multiple public seminars at Fuga - Budapest Center of Architecture, and just recently had an exhibition at Design Museum in Budapest.

Andras Goczey is author of a book that covers ancient Egypt set to be published in English this year. You can see more about this topic in his video:



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