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Alexander Meddings

After graduating from the University of Exeter with a First Class BA in History and Ancient History, Alexander Meddings was awarded an AHRC scholarship to read for an MPhil in Ancient History at St. Hugh’s College, Oxford. There he specialised in the political and social history of the early Roman Empire, culminating in his thesis on the mad, bad and dangerous to know emperor Caligula and his ill-fated imitation of Alexander the Great.

Alexander then moved to Italy so he could pursue his passion for history at the source. He now lives in Florence, where he researches and writes content for the Android and iOS app Time Travel Rome , publishes articles on a wide range of topics for History Collection and tends to his personal blog, O Tempora, O Mores .


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Arcus Argentariorum, Rome.

Arch Enemies: Family Feuds and Damnatio Memoriae on Rome’s Arcus Argentariorum

In the Eternal City every monument tells a story. The Colosseum, funded from the sack of Jerusalem, stands as a potent symbol of Rome’s imperial might and, to many, its savagery. The architecturally...